Notice on the Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Students in 2023


Chinese Government Scholarship Students:

According to the relevant regulations of China Scholarship Council (CSC) and Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (ZUEL), the academic year 2022/2023 government scholarship students’ annual review is about to start and only those who participate inand pass the annual review within the specified time will have the qualification to enjoy the scholarships in the next academic year. Related items are as follows:

I.Review Object

1.International students who will continue their study in ZUEL as scheduled since September 2023;

2.International Students who should graduate in July 2023 as planned, but will plan to apply for study extension and meet the extension requirements;

3.The CSC scholarship students who were ranked as unqualified in the last annual review and whose scholarship has been suspended.

Note: Please refer to Annex 1 for the specific list of students.

II. Review Content

1.This annual review work will be conducted based on the Ideological Moral Behaviour, Academic Record and Learning/Scientific Research Attitude and Activity Performance, with the total points of 100.The school will evaluate each student quantitatively and qualitatively according to their overall performance in the previous year.

2.The evaluation opinions are divided into two types: qualified and unqualified. Those with a total score of 60 or above will be regarded as qualified. For those students who are not qualified, the school will propose “suspension of scholarship” or “cancellation of scholarship” according to the actual performance.

Note: Please refer to Annex 2 for specific scoring standards and rules.

III.Review Process

1.Students' self-Review.Before 17:00 May 8, 2023 (Beijing Time),participating students should log in the Information System of Chinese Government Scholarship for Studying in China  ( through CSC

 number and enter the“annual self-evaluation of scholarship”according to the specific steps of the operation guide (Annex 3), Firstly, students need to fill in the "Chinese government scholarship evaluation questionnaire", then complete the self-evaluation information and upload additional materials such as transcripts (necessary) and honor certificates (if available), and then click submit.

2.Review by major schools and International Education School. Before 17:00, May 17, 2023 (Beijing time), the International Education School and the major school will conduct a comprehensive evaluation on the students combined with the students' self-evaluation, and give the review opinion of "qualified/not qualified" and the processing opinion of “continue/suspension/cancel the scholarship”.

3. Announcement of the evaluation results.

IV. Others

1. International students who fail to participate in the annual review within the specified time or fail the review will be disqualified from the scholarships. Please attach great importance to the annual review.

2. International students must guarantee the authenticity of the materials submitted. Those who provide fictitious materials will be disqualified from the scholarship.

International Education School,

Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

April 21, 2023

Annex1-List of Students.xls

Annex2-Measures for Annual Evaluation of Scholarship for International Students of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law .docx

Annex3-Chinese Government Scholarship Annual Review System Operation Steps (Student Version).pdf

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