Cross-Culture Communication Practice Center of International Education School of ZUELreferred to as CCPC.

Objective: 1. Help international students better integrate into campus and Chinese lifestyle. 2. Provide a platform for language and cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign students. 3. Provide a platform for Chinese and foreign students to practice self-regulatory skills.

Organization framework

Ⅰ. Publicity Department

Brand Program: Creative video progamme such as ZUELers看镜头》

1. Plan and organize departmental brand project, i.e. production of various creative video programs, taking into account the reality of the association and current hot topics.

Management of CCPC-related contents in the public website of the International Education Institute, and operation of CCPC Bilibili Video account.

2. Activity-related publicity material collection, poster design, tweet writing and typesetting, etc.

3. Participate in the activity and be responsible for activity photos, video shooting, post-selection, video editing, and activity news writing.

4. Preparation of promotional materials for the event; Design and customization of cultural and creative materials, etc.

5. Maintain good communication and cooperation with the publicity departments of other associations.

. Secretary Department

Brand Program: Volunteer Service Activity of "Connecting Heart Bridge"

1. Responsible for planning and organizing the department's brand project--- the volunteer service activities of "Connecting Heart Bridge".

2. Responsible for establishing the development direction of CCPC and formulating various rules and regulations of CCPC.

3. Responsible for the management of association documents, document sorting, classification, and timely file all kinds of association related work materials such as association information, meeting minutes, activity plans and various summary documents.

4. Responsible for actively communicating with the Association Management Department of the School Youth League Committee, the Institute of International Education, the President of the Association and the core members of the Association, and uploading and releasing all kinds of relevant information. Coordinate the work of CCPC departments according to school community work regulations and the content planning of international student work of the School of International Education, and regularly report the work plan and progress of CCPC.

5. Responsible for operating the mailbox of the association, organizing the establishment of the association activities, annual evaluation, general election, regular working meetings, semester mobilization and review meetings, etc.

6. Responsible for the overall coordination and control of various activities of associations, and implement the approval and reporting of activities of associations.

7. Responsible for the internal affairs management of the club, including financial management, material management, etc., regularly disclose the fund status of the club activities, regularly check and update the existing materials of the club.

8. Be responsible for communication, cooperation and reception with other college associations and other associations in the school.

. Sports and Recreation Department

Brand Program: Ice-breaking series activities and cultural salons

1. Be responsible for planning and organizing departmental brand projects--- ice-breaking activities and cultural salons.

2. Organize and coordinate all kinds of cultural and sports activities for international students, such as activity planning and writing, process follow-up, personnel organization, clothing rental, material purchase, etc., including all kinds of national, provincial and municipal competitions; School annual major sports events, such as sports meetings, football matches, volleyball matches, etc; International Education Institute's "Understanding China" series of activities, such as "Chinese Traditional Culture Practice Activities", "South Lake International Culture Festival", "Chinese and Foreign Teachers and Students Spring Festival Gala" and so on; And carry out other activities that are healthy and upward, in line with the characteristics of the times and popular with students.

3. It is responsible for the annual recruitment of associations and the activities of the Association Tour Festival.

4. Be responsible for the content follow-up and personnel support of community activities.

5. Be responsible for actively contacting international students in school, paying attention to their life and psychological status, and communicating with teachers regularly.

. Academic Department

Brand Program: Language Corner, Academic Salon, "Perception of China" series of activities.

1. Be responsible for planning and organizing the language corner and academic salon of the department's brand projects.

2. Plan and organize various activities related to professional learning, academic research, Chinese language learning and foreign language learning for international students, including various annual competitions inside and outside the school, such as "Campus Recitation Competition"; Institute of International Education "Perception of China-South Lake Forum for Foreign Students in China", "Chinese Language Competition", etc. And other related activities.

3. Pay attention to the lecture information related to our school's disciplines in professional colleges, schools and universities across the country, and collect and regularly push it to international students.

4. Pay attention to the recent situation of international students' learning and scientific research, communicate with teachers regularly, and assist in the completion of international students' teaching and scientific research related work.

Subordinate Programs:

. Volunteer Service Activities of "Connecting Heart Bridge"

1. Participate in international student volunteer service activities. Such as international student poverty alleviation, international student community service activities and so on.

2. Volunteer to participate in language translation. For example, Chinese and foreign students assist in translating all kinds of manuscripts and notices, and participate in the reception of foreign guests.

3. Volunteer to participate in various activities at all levels, such as schools and colleges.

. Language Corner

To provide a language exchange platform for Chinese and foreign students, and through this project to get to know Chinese and foreign students, practice language skills together, understand culture, and make friends.

. Special plan for foreign affairs personnel

Join different departments of the College as long-term assistants according to personal interests and work needs of International Education School. The project aims to provide a job platform for Chinese and foreign students, so that interested students can have more in-depth contact with the administrative work of university functional departments and the work of international student counselors, paving the way for their future career development. The International Education School will provide internship certificates for those who perform well in the program.

. "Get to Know China" series of activities

"Get to Know China" series is a brand of international student activities sponsored by the International Education School, including "Chinese Traditional Culture Practice Activities", "South Lake International Culture Festival", "Experience China-South Lake Forum of Doctor of Economics , Law and Management for Overseas Students in China", "Spring Festival Gala for Chinese and Foreign Teachers and Students" and "Chinese Language Competition", aiming to speed up the cultural exchange and integration between Chinese and foreign students.

. Academic Seminar

Most of the international students are master's and doctoral students, who have certain advantages in English literature collection and reading, and English article writing. Some excellent international students have published many academic papers in high-level journals such as SSCI, SCI and EI. The project aims to provide a platform for academic exchanges and promote academic exchanges among international students between Chinese and foreign students, and among various disciplines and specialties.

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