1. Adapt to changes in your environment as quickly as possible and keep a regular schedule.

After the students arrive in China, the climate environment, language environment, living environment, eating habits, interpersonal relations and so on will change greatly. Please keep a healthy and optimistic attitude, respect different cultures and ethnic customs, take the initiative to communicate with other students, and actively integrate into the collective life. You need to change your biological clock, adjust your work and rest time, go to bed and get up a little earlier every day, exercise more, and make self-adjustment.

2. Self-suggestion, build self-confidence, not afraid of pressure.

After getting up every day, hint to yourself: You are wonderful! For learning pressure, as long as you face it bravely, you can turn pressure into motivation. At the same time, set realistic learning goals for yourself, and continue to build self-confidence under the encouragement of the sense of accomplishment to achieve the goals again and again.

3. Actively integrate, strengthen communication, and improve self-interpersonal relationships.

Seek suitable ways to actively express and communicate, learn to maintain long-distance relationships, take the initiative to meet friends, and make friends sincerely. You can start with the things that are easy to integrate with classmates such as eating and watching movies with classmates. Try to spend more time with your friends, communicate more and dare to express your heart. Communicate with your parents, talk about even trivial things, and share your feelings and experiences with each other.

4.Keep moving, actively adjust your mentality

Accept and ease emotions. First of all, exercise is a good way to calm people. It can not only strengthen the body, but also relieve the mood. At the same time, you can also use the deep breathing method, reading relaxation method, etc. to slowly relax and calm down. Then listen to a piece of music you like, watch an episode of your favorite drama, play a game, buy a thing, meet someone you miss, etc. to make yourself happy slowly and not let yourself fall into the bad mood.

5. Take the initiative to seek professional help.

If you find that you cannot rely on your own strength to deal with negative emotions, please seek professional psychological help in time and face this difficult time with a professional teacher. Here introduce you to the psychological counseling service in ZUEL, and hoping it can bring help to you!

Psychological Counseling Service Guide of ZUEL for International students

1Psychological counseling channel for international students

For online reservation: through the Student Affairs Hall or "ZUEL Micro Campus" (the process is attached)

For on-site reservation: 201, Wenqin Building, Nanhu Campus

For telephone appointment: 88386046

2Basic setting of consultation

01 One to one consultation; on-site consultation

Consultation objects: full-time students in our school

Consultation frequency: once a week, 50 minutes each time and up to 8 consecutive times per semester.

02 Consultation forms: Group counseling; on-site consultation

Consultation objects: full-time students in our school

Registration time: March 12th-16th, 2021

Registration channel: please follow Xiaonan Xinyu

3Other Points to Note

1Psychological consultation requires an appointment in advance. Among them, online appointments can be made 24 hours a day, and telephone appointments must be made during working hours.

2For the first consultation, please bring your student card and go to the psychology center 10 minutes in advance to confirm or complete the information and to be learn about the relevant procedures and regulations.

3For each consultation, you should wear a mask and enter the building for temperature measurement. It is recommended to enter the building for disinfection

4Each consultation time is 50 minutes, please do not be late or be absent. If you need to ask for leave or cancel the consultation, you should inform the center at least half a day in advance, and each person can ask for leave no more than 2 times per semester; if you do not notify in advance, this time will be regarded as an unexplained missed appointment, and the center will cancel your follow-up consultation arrangement.

5Due to the complexity of psychological issues, few consultations can be completed at one time. The frequency of consultations is determined by the counselor and the client based on the nature of the problem and the progress of your consultation; therefore, after each consultation you need to return to the reception room first and let us know whether you will renew the contract next week before leaving.

6Due to limited consultation resources, the number of regular consultations (including leave) per person per semester does not exceed 6 times.

7Psychological consultation abides by the principle of confidentiality. Confidentiality is one of the most important working principles of psychological counseling, and it is also a concentrated expression of professional ethics. Your personal registration information and consultation records will be kept in strict accordance with professional requirements and legal norms. However, the following situations are not within the principle of confidentiality: (a) The visitor has a tendency to harm himself or others. (B) The visitor's problem involves legal responsibility. If necessary, the consultant should submit the information to the relevant agency.

8The principle of psychological consultation is to help others and help themselves. Counselors will accompany you to face problems, explore the needs, wishes, conflicts and puzzles of your inner world with you, and help you reflect on yourself or promote your change. However, you are the one who makes decisions and puts them into action. Psychological counseling is the process of promoting your self growth.

9In order to achieve better consultation results, you can make preparations before consultation, such as sorting out personal consultation goals in advance, expectations and worries about the consultation process, personal growth experiences and major life events, recent stress events, etc. You also need to attend appointments on time.

4Online Reservation Process

1Enter the Student Affairs Hall through the ZUEL Micro Campus or website: http://a.zuel.edu.cn, click "Service Items" and then "Mental Health" to find "Psychological Consultation Appointment".

2Enter the Psychological Consultation Informed Consent Form interface. After reading the informed consent form, click "I have read and agree to comply", you can enter the "psychological consultation appointment form" filling interface. The applicant should fill in the "psychological consultation appointment form" and complete the "SDS Psychological Test".

3Enter the "Psychological Consultation Appointment Schedule". Then you can see the counselor's schedule, and select the available consultation time period according to your needs and the time of the free class (it is recommended to select multiple time periods).

4After the applicant confirms the appointment, click "Submit" to enter the "My Appointment" interface and wait to check the appointment status.

5After the reservation is completed in the system, the psychological center will process your reservation application in time, and communicate with you by telephone (88386046) about the specific consultation arrangement, matters needing attention, questions and answers, etc.

Attachment: Other Psychological assistance hotline

Hubei Provincial College Mental Health Expert Service Team Assistance Hotline

Number: 4007-027-520

Time: 09:00-21:00

Wuhan Psychological Hospital 24-Hour Assistance Hotline

Number:027-8527 4666

24-Hour Psychological Assistance Hotline of the Ministry of Education

Number: 400-9678-920/010-6744-0033/027-5942-7263

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