​Recruitment for 2024 International Student AdmissionAmbassador


With the increasing internationalization of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, more and more excellent international students from all over the world choose to study at ZUEL.In order to showcase the spirit of our university’s international students, further enhance the popularity and influence of ZUEL among overseas students, the ADMISSION OFFICE ofInternational Education School officially launches the recruitment for2024 “International Student Admission Ambassador” Program.


1.Enrolled ZUEL Chinese Students, International Students and Alumni.(Chinese students who would like to participate need to cooperate with at least one International students.)

2.Demonstrates academic excellence and possesses strong organizational and presentation skills.

3.Ability of video shooting and editing and ability of promotion on social media platforms.


Main contents of tasks (including but not limited to the following points):

1.Share the latest information and policies on international students admissions atZhongnan University of Economics and Law.

2.Show the good reputation and image of current international students.

3.Share your study and life at ZUEL.

4.Introduce the educational and image of the current ZUEL situation.

5.Participate in the enrollment activities.

Program Promotion

1. To contact local high schools, universities, and other educational institutions in your country for international student program outreach; which can be designed and organized based on the actual needs. There is no restriction on the form or content of the promotion.

2. To film and edit short promotional videos and upload them to the local social media platforms.

3. To participate in or organize online program briefings.

4. Other innovative methods of online promotion.


1.Applicants are performed on a team basis(each team does not exceed 5 people,Chinese students who would like to participate need to cooperate with at least one International students).Please scan the QR code below and submit your proposal before January 20,2024.The result will be distributed via e-mails.


2.Admission Officers will set up a WeChat group. Materials such as promotion guidelines,enrollment guidelines,as well as presentation and negotiation guidance, and more information about training will be given in the group. Additionally, teachers will provide guidance and advice to the students throughout the program.


1.Submit the summary report every quarter to present the progress of the project.

2.At the middle and end of the project, result are reported. IES will evaluate and select the first,second,third and excellence prizes winners based on the expansion of student resources,promotion methods, and the project results. The specific assessment time will be announced at a later date.

Benefits & Rewards

1.You may be able to improve your personal skills comprehensively in different aspects, such as promotion and expression skills, organization and coordination skills, etc. and enhance your personal soft skills for future employment.

2.The qualified team that passed the final evaluation will be awarded "ZUEL International Students Admission Ambassador" certificate issued by IES.

3. After the final evaluation, the teams that perform particularly well will also receive the following honors and rewards.

1st Prize:3000 RMB Bonus & Badge of Honor.

2nd Prize:2000 RMB Bonus & Badge of Honor.

3rd Prize:1000 RMB Bonus & Badge of Honor.

Excellence Prize:Badge of Honor.

*If you have any question, please contact Mrs Gan, Miss Zhang, IES Office 614, admissions@zuel.edu.cn; 027-88387760.



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