​Notice on the Application of the Electric Bicycle Campus License Plate


Dear students,

In order to accelerate the effective implementation of the school "Electric Bicycle Management Measures" and effectively solve the problem of campus electric bicycle registration and management, according to the work plan, the Security Department will start the application of the Campus License Plate of the electric bicycles for teachers, students and staff in our school from this day. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

. The Handling Process

1. The applicant can apply for the campus license of electric bicycle in the "平安中南大" section of the Wecom app from ZUEL by clicking "Application for Electric Bicycle Campus License Plate", filling in relevant information as required, and clicking "Apply" to transfer the application to the unit for approval. (For specific application steps, please refer to the Guidelines for Applying for Electric Bicycle Campus License Plate & Wuhan Electric Bicycle Electronic Driving License Upload Guide)

2. Relevant units shall examine and approve the electric bicycles information reported by their teachers, students and staff.

3. The Security Department handles campus license plates for electric bicycles approved by all units, generates electronic campus license plate, and uniformly produces and installs them in batches.

. Application Time

Before 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 26, 2023

. Relevant Requirements

1. If the application and approval is not completed according to the time node, the Security Department will not handle it in principle.

2. In the next step, electric bicycles without campus license plate will be prohibited from being used on campus, and new charging piles will not be able to charge them. Therefore, all students must attach great importance to the application of campus license plate, and complete the online application according to the time node in time.

Guidelines for handling campus access signs for Electric bicycles.docx

Wuhan Electric Bicycle Electronic Driving License Upload Guide.docx

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