Singing "Letters from Spring", Feeling the Beauty of the World: International Students in ZUEL Participated in the Launch Ceremony of the "My Beautiful Encounter with China" Activity in 2023


On April 7, the launching ceremony of the "My Beautiful Encounter with China" series of international students was held in Beijing under the guidance of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of the Ministry of Education and organized by the Service Center for Overseas Education of the Ministry of Education. The launch ceremony was attended by ambassadors of many countries in China, representatives of nearly 100 award-winning international students and teachers of universities, representatives of education departments of many places and representatives of People's Daily Press and other organizations. ANNABERDIYEVA AKPAMYK, a Turkmenistan student from the Law School of ZUEL, was invited to participate in this event.

At the event, the new work "Letters from Spring" of the "Online" choir was premiered. The song was composed by Chinese and foreign youths and sung by more than 100 international students from 27 universities in China and45 countries participated in singing through the "Online" method. It tells the beautiful story of friends talking about their thoughts in their letters, meeting and enjoying spring together, and shows the moving scene of Chinese and foreign students meeting again and continuing friendship after the pandemic has dissipated. ANNABERDIYEVA AKPAMYK participated in the online recording of the music video of "Letters from Spring" and performed the song live with 17 international students from 12 countries on April 7.

Representatives of the "Online" choir sang the original song "Letters from Spring" (ANNABERDIYEVA AKPAMYK is the fourth from the right)

ANNABERDIYEVA AKPAMYK in the music video of "Letters from Spring

"I enjoyed the chorus so much!" ANNABERDIYEVA AKPAMYK exclaims excitedly, "Singing is the most important part of my life. After three years, I finally got the chance to go back to China and sing the songs to more people on the Chinese stage. I really enjoyed my time rehearsing and singing with the choir members. Although we came from different countries and went to different universities in China, our same interests bonded us together and we had a good understanding of each other and had a lot of fun together. This experience is very precious to me, and in the future, I hope to work with my choir mates to perform more wonderful works for everyone." She is also very grateful for the platform and careful organization provided by the Service Center for Overseas Education of the Ministry of Education, as well as the support and assistance given by our school.

ANNABERDIYEVA AKPAMYK (third from the right)

The "Online" Choir is composed of international students from different universities in China. The Choir was established in December 2020. A group of talented and knowledgeable international students in China use their clear singing voice to tell their wonderful experience of studying abroad in China.

Group photo of some students from the "Online" Choir studying abroad in China (ANNABERDIYEVA AKPAMYK, second from right)

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