1. New students should apply for a long-term residence permit within 30 days after entering China. An extension can be applied to our school one month before the expiry of the residence permit.


 2. International students can freely travel between China and the country of nationality during the validity period of the residence permit without the application for other visas, but they must register at the International Student Affairs Office before leaving.


 3. If the family members of international students need to come to China to accompany them, they should apply for a visa to our embassy (consulate) abroad with the consent of our school. The family members of international students can apply for a residence permit (student dependent) with the certificate of kinship stamped by our embassy (consulate) abroad, a Chinese translation of it, and a health certificate. The permit for accompanying the family members cannot exceed the validity period of the residence permit for international students.


 4. The home page of the passport, all kinds of visas, and residence permits shall not be altered or damaged, or the violators will be punished.


 5. The passport should be kept properly. If it is lost, you should report to the teacher of the Student Affairs Office immediately. International students themselves alsoneed to report the loss at the police station of the jurisdiction with the loss certificate issued by the school, and then exchange the "Loss Certificate" at the Wuhan Bureau of Immigration. After that, the application for a new passport at the embassy (consulate) of the country in China is allowed. It is necessary to register with the Wuhan Bureau of Immigration within one month after the issue of new passport and re-apply for a residence permit.







 6. The fees required for applying the residence permit are as follows:

 (1) Physical examination fee: 300 yuan; Certification fee (only certification without inspection): 70 yuan;

 (2) Residence permit fee of one year or less: 400 yuan;

 (3) Residence permit fee for more than one year and less than three years: 800 yuan;

 (4) Residence permit change fee: 200 yuan.

 Students with academic qualifications can apply for a residence permit for up to one academic year at a time. Students are required to provide a list of insurance purchases for the new year's visa.


 7. International students should carefully check the validity period of their residence permit or visa and be sure to apply for an extension at the Student Affairs Office within 7 days before the expiration of the validity period. The minimum validity period of the residence permit is 6 months, and international students must pay the tuition fee in full. According to China's Bureau of Immigration, foreigners are fined 500 yuan for illegally staying for one day, and the fine is unlimited. Where the circumstances are serious, administrative coercive measures such as administrative detention will be taken.




 8. Special circumstances

 (1) If the passport of international student is about to expire, please arrange your own time to update your passport in a timely manner. If the residence permit expires due to the replacement of the passport, it will also be punished by the immigration regulations. If it takes a long time to change your passport, please register at the 610 office two months before the passport expires in order to apply to the Bureau of Immigration for penalty reduction.

 (2) For international students who cannot pay the tuition fee in full, our school can only give a short-stay visa of 1 month. This type of visa can only be processed once, and it cannot exceed 1 month. During the valid period of this visa, international students can apply for a residence permit again after paying the full tuition fee.

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