International students are suggested to open a Chinese bank account when they arrive the university. In China, some universities will help international students open bank accounts so that students dont have to worry about this; while in most cases, universities require students to open Chinese bank account themselves and hence it is necessary for students to get the knowledge of how to open bank account in China. Here are some tips for reference.

Generally foreigners can easily open a bank account in a Chinese bank. There are many banks in China, such as Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Development Bank and so on. You can open a Chinese bank account in any of these banks. The largest four banks in China are Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Construction Bank, which have many branch banks spread in different cities of China, so we strongly recommend students to open the bank account in one of these four banks. The relevant websites are listed in the end of this article.

Step 1 Before you enter the bank, you should prepare materials. One necessary document you need to bring with is the valid passport, but in some cases, a residence permit is also needed.

Step 2 After you enter the bank, you can ask the bank receptionist for help and they will guide you with the procedure of opening the bank account. They will ask you for the documents that are needed and help you to print the materials. In most banks, the print is free of charge, but in some banks you will be charged 0.5 or 1 Yuan for one paper.

Step 3 After that, you will be given a form to fill in. Usually, there is a reference form presented on the clerk desk. You can take this form for reference and if you have any questions, just ask the bank receptionist for help.

Step 4 With the printed materials and filled form, you should then get a queue number from the Automatic Number Machine and wait on the waiting desk. You can also get this number when you enter the bank and then do other things that mentioned above to save time. Please pay attention to the broadcast and electronic screen while waiting there.

Step 5 Its your turn to deal with your business when your number is called. You should only give your printed materials and filled form to the banker who will help you to open the bank account. To open a Chinese RMB account, you have to pay a deposit of 10-15 yuan in most banks but the charge may be different in different banks.

After you have gone through all these steps, you will be given a debit card or a bank book. With this card or book, you can deposit or withdraw money, exchange currencies and wire money overseas.

Bank of China is the most internationalized and diversified bank in China and it provides full range of financial services in Chinas mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and other 31countries and areas.

Place: The bank lobby on the first floor in Zhongyuan Building.

Time: 8:00a.m. To 5:00p.m. From Monday to Friday

9:00a.m. To 5:00p.m. From Saturday to Sunday


2. Electric cards

(1) Electricity for daily life

Each dormitory is equipped with one card to activate. There is no electricity in the dormitory. You need to buy an electric card to activate it. You can get your electric card in NO.5 building in Huanhu dormitory area.

(2)The card for air-conditioner and remote-control gadget

To ensure the safety of electricity usage, we equip the air conditioner in another electric wire. Therefore you have to use a different electric card to activate it.

The card for air-conditioner and remote-control gadget for air conditioners can be got from NO.5 building in Huanhu dormitory area.


3. Campus network

1Sign up & Pay

All students are already signed up for the college internet service. You can access to internet after paying the fee. Your username is your Student ID Number (For example: LXS2014010001), and your password is 888888. Please change your password after your first log in.

The college internet service is charged by month (30 days). The fee is 20 yuan per month. You can pause your internet service(at least 7 days); You can connect to college WiFiznufe-wifiwith your college internet service account.

3.How to pay: Pay at Meijiao Building(Chinese:梅教) Room 108 . Tell the teacher your Student No. and your name to confirm the information first, then pay the fee.

2Ways to connect internet

1Wired network in dormitory

aDownload client at http://xxglb.znufe.edu.cnName of the client: SRun3K.exe

If you could not download the client due to no internet, please copy the client from our old international student or download it when you using wifi mode, then copy it to your computer.

(For Apple PC user should go to Meijiao Building Network Office to deal with the problem.)

b) You do not need to install it, just Double click the client, then you could use the network application(Chinsee:校园网宽带认证客户端). When you first operate this application, security software may ask you whether or not operate this application, please clickAllowed(Chinese:允许).

c) You will see the followed interface. Input the usernameChinese:用户名) and passwordChinese:密码). Click the greenConnect(Chinese:连接)See Picture 1

Picture 1Picture 2

The system may inform you occasionally update the client. Click Yes”(See Picture 2

After updating, the application will operate again automatic, please Input the usernameChinese:用户名)and passwordChinese:密码)to log in again.

If you want to disconnect internet, shut down the computer, or restart the computer, click Disconnect (Chinese:断开连接) first in the interface of the client.

If you want to change your password, complete personal information, pay internet fee, check detailed net bill, click self service or visit the website http://self.znufe.edu.cn

2Wireless network in campus

You can connect to the wireless network in teaching buildings and library, such as Wentai Building, Wenbo Building, Zhongyuan Building and so on.

Open the wifi of your device.(See Picture1)

Search the wireless sign znufe-wifi (See Picture2)

Connect it and open a browser. There will appear an authentication interface. Input your username and password.

After passing the authentication interface, you had better do not close the interface.

3. Technical service

If any other questions, you can go to Meijiao Building 201 Room.

Service call: 027-88386112


4. Postal Service

Normal Expressage

If you buy something o n the internet or somebody wants to send you anything by expressage, you can go to Xiaomai Expression Service Center locating besides the NO.16 dormitory in Huanhu area. And of course, you also can send something to others by that.


But if you need an international service, you have to choose EMS. Our camper has two EMS centers. The big one is on the road to Wenbo building. It will take about 5minutes to walk there from if you start from your dormitory, walk east, past library and Nanhu Hall(南湖会堂), walk straight and you will find it near Jiukong Bridge. Another one is located besides the Xiaomai Expression Service Center


5. Phone service

You can get a new SIM card in CMCC or China Telecom.

Both two agencies are behind the Building No.14 Huanhu Apartment

Also, you can get the access to the WIFI service after you get a new number.


6. Medical service

1University hospital

The university hospital is located at the north corner of new stadium and near to Nanyuan market. If you need some medicine help just go there and see the doctors, the open time is from 8:00~11:30AM and from 2:00~5:00PM

TIPS: Whenever you go to our hospital, you shall take your student ID card.

(2) Other hospital in Wuhan

1. The Chinese Government Scholarship students shall get their Medical Treatment Cards within the prescribed time at the office of the IES. With this card, they are entitled to public medical services in designated hospitals and enjoy the same free medical service as the Chinese students

2. If a Chinese Government Scholarship student who needs to consult doctors in an off-campus hospital, he/she shall first get the permission of the university hospital and referral sheet. In that case, the student shall pay for the medical expenses by themselves first and then, claim for part of the compensation for the medical coasts at the insurance companys office stationed at the campus hospital with the receipts, medical cards, campus card and the referral sheet, etc. students who see doctors outside campus without the permission of the hospital shall have to bear all the fees by themselves. For hospitalization off campus of Chinese Government Scholarship students recommended by the doctor of the university, the insurance company shall bear a certain amount of fees for treatment, medicine and bed in accordance with related regulations, while the students themselves shall pay all the catering expenses.

3. The following hospitals can accept advance payment by health insurance: such as Hubei People Hospital in Wuchang, Tongji Hospital and Union Hospital in Hank

7. Library

Our library is just located besides Wentai teaching building. Although there are almost books written in Chinese, there is a foreign periodical reading room at 5th floor. In the hall are several computers set for searching books in the library.

Tips: Whenever you come into the library, please take your students ID card with you.


8. Café

1. JackLan: In the west gate

2. Shangshanruoshui (尚善若水)In the first floor of the 10th canteen

3.Monochromatic Paris Café(单色巴黎):Jinfa residential district in the school

4.ChangchangjiujiuCafé(长长久久): Jinfa residential district in the school

9. Photo studio

There are several photo studios where , you can take identification photos, such as Caishen Pictures near the North Gate, Liangying Photo Studio behind the Building No.14 in Huanhu Area.


10. Gymnasium

There are many gym in the campus ensuring our students can play the basketball, football, volleyball and tennis. The volleyball court and the tennis court are located across the tenth canteen. The basketball court is in the old gymnasium. Both the newly and old gym has a football field.

Gym: There are two gym in our school. One is in the new gymnasium and another is the Boweier Fitness Club which 20 meters east to the library.



11. Entertainment

1.World City Optical Valley Walking Street(光谷步行街)

World City Optical Valley Walking Street is a 1350 meters, the longest walking commercial walking street connected up till now. It combines shopping, dining and entertainment, travel and tourism, leisure fitness, business office, hotel service as a whole, with integrated, multi-functional, all-format, complex commercial style. The whole world city program consists of nine groups, covering the 5-star hotel, high-grade writing building, and walking street and high grade housing area.

Shopping Guidance

The core commercial circle of Optical Valley Walking Street provides positions for many famous commercial enterprises, for example, the Grand Ocean Department Store, Carrefour, Industry and Trade Home Appliances, and so on. Many people are gathered here every day and the commercial atmosphere is very strong. The main stores here are clothes stores selling Japanese, Southern Korean and European and American fashionable apparel, foreign trade stores, Japan-Korean sections, make-up performance stage, mens individuality areas, DJ recording garage, nail-beauty bar, super second-hand clothes market and so on. These areas are best place for office ladies and students for entertainment in their leisure time.

Delicious Food and Entertainment

Since its opening to the public, Optical Valley Walking Street is rapidly developing as a center of shopping, fashion, festival in Wuhan, and even in the central area. On festivals, millions of visitors come in flood, enjoying the happiness of shopping. Optical Valley Walking Street has become the best place for entertainment and tourism. Foreign visitors will surely come to this street when they come to Wuhan. The grandest cinema, Tianhe Huanyi Cinema City in Wuhan, is in collaboration with the giant entertainment in China, which shows its brand and grade very well.

Watching Focus

The whole street is made up of four building complex, from west to the east, there are American-like modern building, warmly Spain architecture and the innocent Northern European malls, as well as the classic England design. Adopting the essence of the buildings in all over the countries, buildings here are representatives of buildings in the world, integrating advertise, ment, pillar decoration and brand of stores as a whole. Visitors and customers will experience a feeling of crossing-borders, as if they have never finished their shopping tour.

Adopting multi-color lights in the largest scale in the world, to create world-class sky in the evening, Wuhan is extremely beautiful at night when the special designed lights turn on, forming a piece of, sparkling sliver river.


Useful Information

Address:  Luxiang Square, Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei Province

Transportation: Take bus 590,538,567 to Optical Valley Square (near Grand Ocean Department Store).


3.Wuhan Central Culture Tourist Area (楚河汉街)


Wuhan Central Culture Tourist Area, which is located in the main region of Wuhan City, is the urban central culture tourist projects. It covers 3400,000 square meters and is divided into five function areas——Culture Area, Tourism Area, Commerce Area, Business Area and Residence Area. This project has been invested 50 billion by Wanda Enterprise. The design positioning of this area is to be the region of number one in China and first-class in the world.

Tour Route

538/572/732/739/583——(Optics Valley)Metro line 2——(Zhongnan roadMetro line 4——Wuhan Central Culture Tourist Area 

583——(Zhongbei Road Bailu Street StaionWuhan Central Culture Tourist Area


3.Guanggu Tiandi(光谷天地)

The nearest businessdistrict from ZUEL(10 minutes by taxi)

Wal-Mart supermarketShopping centerHuayi Brother cinemaKTV

PlaceThe cross road of Guanshan Avenue and Nanhu Avenue

4.Hubei Provincial Museum (湖北省博物馆)


HubeiProvincialMuseum is located in the East Lake Scenic Area with a history of about 62 years, which has anarea of 81909 square meters by the end of 2009. Museum cultural relics reach the number of 200000, where include nearly national first-class cultural relics. Its generally accepted that this museum is the largestancient instrument exhibition hall in China, as there arebiggestChime of Zenghouyi made by bronze in the world, Sword of Goujian and Peking man skull yunxian county of fossils, etc. and etc.

Opening time: 9:00-17:00(Closed in Mondays and you are not allowed to enter after 15:30)

Ticket price: FREE

Tour Route (80minutes)

Walking to North Lake Road east HillNo.810(East Lake Road Museum)

North gate(South lake Road ChaShanLiu)No.538 (LuoYuRoadWuJiaWan)No.709(East Lake Road Museum)


12addresses and contacts of related departments

1. Off campus



Hubei International Travel Health Care Centre (for physical examination)


Address: No.457,South Luoshi Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan; at the crossing of Xiongchu Street, 150 meters south of Shicheng mingju, opposite to the Central Hospital of China Construction Engineering Co,LTD the Third Bureau;

TEL: 0086275045954000862787384289




Exit-Entry Administration Division of Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau (apply for residence permit for the first time)


Address: Wuhan Citizen Home, No.117, Jinqiao Avenue,Jiangan Zone, Wuhan, Hubei.;

TEL: 00862785395393




Donghu New &High-tech Industrial Development Zone Branch of Exit-Entry Administration Division of Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau (apply for residence permit again)


Address: Management Center of Guanggu (Wuhan Gaoxin Avnue No.777)

TEL: 00862750777176




Branch of Donghu New&High-tech Industrial Development Zone of Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau (for residence registration)


Address: Management Center of Guanggu (Wuhan Gaoxin Avnue No.777)

TEL: 00862750777176


2. On campus


Student Affairs Office (enrollment management of undergraduate)


Address: WentanBuilding, Nanhu campus, ZUEL


Educational Department (teaching management of undergraduate)


Address: WenlanBuilding, Nanhu campus, ZUEL


Graduate Administrative Department (enrollment and teaching management of graduate)


Address: Nanhu campus of ZUEL


Modern Education Technology Center (network)


Address: Audio-visualCenter, Nanhu campus, ZUEL



Telephone numbers for network repairing:


18971191108 (for short message only)


Logistics Group (management of International Student Apartment)


Address: Wenpe, iBuilding, Nanhu campus, ZUEL





TEL:008627-88386970(office of the Logistics Group)

008627-88386835(administrative center for dormitory and teaching building)

008627-88386825(feeding center)

008627-88386821(water and electricity center)

3. Common Use Telephone Number

Emergency number110Medical emergency 120Fire alarm119

  • Official Wechat Account of IES