Step 1: Submit Application Documents

Prepare the application documents and submit all application documents online. (

Step 2 : Pay the Application Fee

Pay Application fee 500RMB online

Step 3 : Qualification Verification

After we receive all the application documents, it will take 3 weeks for Language Program and 5 weeks for Degree Program to get the permission from the Hubei Provincial Education Administrative Bureau.

Step 4: Admission Notice

When we receive the permitted document, we would send out the Admission Notice and JW202 Form about a week by express. Please confirm your address with ZUEL.

Step 5: Application for X1 or X2 Visa

When you receive the Admission Notice and JW202 Form, you can go to the Chinese Embassy in your country and apply for the visa to China. If you will study for more than 1 semester, you should apply for X1 visa. If you will study for less than 1 semester (including 1 semester), you should apply for X2 visa.

Step 6. Enter into the university

When you get visa, you can book your ticket to the university and send us email about your travel details.

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