Confucius Instititute Scholarship

For the purpose of supporting the development of Confucius Institutes, facilitating international promotion of Chinese language and dissemination of Chinese culture, as well as cultivating qualified Chinese-language teachers and excellent Chinese-language learners, Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban launches a “Confucius Institute Scholarship” program to sponsor foreign students, scholars and Chinese language teachers to study Chinese in relevant universities of China.

Zhongnan University of Economics and Law is one of the universities that recruit Confucius Institute Scholarship students. We warmly welcome outstanding students and scholars from all over the world to study, engage in Chinese Language or Culture studies and conduct research at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.

Requirements for applicants:

Outstanding students from Confucius Institutes (Classrooms) worldwide; Students who received distinguished grades in the Chinese testes held by the Confucius Institute Headquarters; Outstanding contestants in “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitions; Students studying Chinese in overseas universities or colleges; Applicants who meet the requirements of other Confucius Institute Headquarters agreements.

Application Time: March to May,

Result Release Time: Mid or late June

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