Chinese Language Program

Each semester, the International Education School organizes language-teaching classes at elementary-1, elementary-2, intermediate-1, intermediate-2 and advanced-1, advanced-2 levels. Students are to be placed in classes that suit them best by taking a proficiency test. A class is usually composed of 15-20 students. The spring semester usually starts from late February and the autumn semester from early or middle September. A semester usually consists of 18 weeks with 20 class hours of language courses per week. Electives are offered for students to choose from one to two courses according to the students’ interest and Chinese capacity, such as Chinese calligraphy. Field trips are arranged once or twice each semester.

Application period and fees:

Application period:

1. Fall Semester: from April 1 to June 15

2. Spring Semester: from November1 to December15

Application fee: 500 RMB

Tuition fee: 8000RMB/per semester

Textbook fee: 300 RMB (based on the prices of the books)

Requirements for applicants:

Applicant must be a citizen of a foreign country between 18 and 50 years of age, in good mental and physical health.

Required documents:

1. One photocopy of your passport; 

2. One photocopy of foreigner physical examination

Login Online Application:

1. Register and apply online

2. Complete the information, upload all the required documents and submit your 
     ★ Please make sure all information and documents are true and correct.

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