The opening ceremony for International Students in the Spring semester of 2024 was Successfully held


On the afternoon of March 4, the 2024 spring semester international student opening ceremony and freshman orientation education activities were successfully held in Lecture Hall 809 Wenhuan Building. Nearly 70 freshmen from Thailand, Russia, South Korea, France, Morocco, Pakistan, Tajikistan and other countries participated. The ceremony was hosted by Wang ZhengJun, Vice Dean of the International Education School.

First of all, Zheng Ying, Dean of the International Education School, expressed a warm welcome to the new students coming to the school this semester on behalf of the school, and introduced the basic situation of the school and IES.

      Then, Mrs.Li Meili, Assistant Dean of the School of Humanities at Walailak University in Thailand, expressed her heartfelt thanks to ZUEL on behalf of Wailailak University for its arrangements, and hoped that the students would cherish the opportunity to study in China and spend a pleasant and meaningful time.

      Later, Speech by the Chinese Teacher Professor Niu Changwei of ZUEL, China. Teacher Niu introduced the Chinese teaching situation this semester. He pointed out that the IES will offer Chinese courses at different levels according to the Chinese language foundation of the freshmen to meet the needs of students with different Chinese proficiency levels.

     Finally, the teachers conducted orientation education for the new students. The teachers gave a detailed introduction to the daily management system for international students, safety instructions, accommodation regulations, visa and insurance affairs, teaching affairs and other items.

At this point, the opening ceremony and freshman orientation education activities have come to a successful conclusion. In the future, the IES will continue to carry out a series of entrance education activities around topics such as teaching organization, daily management, value guidance, and ice-breaking activities to help freshmen integrate into campus life better and faster.

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