Wuhan Exit and Entry Administration Bureau held lecture on legal education for our international students


    In order to make international students understand the laws and regulations in China more comprehensively, and to enhance the awareness of legal institution, International Education School invited officer Pan Jie and officer Liu Xinyang to give a lecture on the theme of “Legal Safety for International Students” in the afternoon of March 2. All international students, Dean of International Educational School Zheng Ying, Vice Dean Wang Zhengjun and all teachers of International Students’ affairs attended the lecture. The lecture was hosted by Dean Zheng Ying.

 In the lecture, students first watched the education promotional video produced by Wuhan Exit-Entry Bureau to get a preliminary understanding of the laws and regulations and the matters that needs attention; then, with the combination of relevant cases, officers introduced the laws and regulations in detail in terms of visa application, exit-entry, stay and residence, etc. They also give a comprehensive explanation on the necessity and importance of compliance with the law and some tips. Finally, students raised some questions about officers’ explanations. Both officers responded accordingly and asked the international students to enhance awareness of personal safety, wishing them success in studies.

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