CCPC Academic Seminar Series Experience Sharing of Winners of 2022 International Students “Academic ZUEL” Scholarship for Research and Innovation


CCPCAcademic Seminar Series: Experience Sharing of Winners of 2022International Students “Academic ZUEL” Scholarship for Researchand Innovation

CCPCAcademic Seminar series activities aim at promoting academicexchanges and interactions among international students, Chinese andforeign students and students of various disciplines through variousseminar activities, broadening international horizons, strengtheninglearning and integration, and creating an academic exchangeatmosphere of sincere dialogue and mutual learning between Chineseand foreign students.

Inthe first Academic Seminar, CCPC invited four international studentswho won the 2022 “Academic ZUEL” Scholarship for Research andInnovation to share and discuss their experiences in the process oftopic selection, writing and publication of English papers.


EmmanuelMensah Aboagye,

whois from GHANA and is a 2nd-year Ph.D student in InternationalLaw of Law School

TopicSelectinga title for an Academic Paper

NanaAdwoa Anokye Effah,

whois from GHANA and is a 2nd-year Ph.D student in Accountingof Accounting School

TopicEnglishJournal Search and Submission Guidelines


whois from GHANA and is a 3rd-year Ph.D student in Financeof Finance School

TopicWhatto Publish as academic paper


whois from PAKISTAN and is a 3rd-year Ph.D student inFinance of Finance School

TopicWhyyou need an academic publication

ThisAcademic Seminar will be held online and offline simultaneously.Students who participate offline, please scan the QR code below toregister (the venue is limited, and there are 30 offline places);Students who participate online can directly join the TencentMeeting.



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Lookingforward to your coming

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